Williams Jokerz - 1988
Barry Oursler, Python Anghelo & team


Jokerz wasn't a huge hit in 1988, but it has several things going for it:  great backglass artwork, a stereo sound board (ahead of its time), an artful blend of carnival & baroque music, a stepper motor card wheel in the backglass, a cool motorized playfield ramp, and easy-to-learn gameplay.

The music, by Chris Granner and John Hey, merits special mention.  The unusual style of music combined with the use of the sound hardware produced a unique timbre and tonal quality...listen to the samples below!

Here are some MP3 files of the outstanding themes from the game, presented in full stereo.  All themes are made to loop, so set your player up to repeat.

UPDATE January 16, 2016: re-sampled music without any background hum.

Check out more of Chris Granner's work


One of the best backglasses in pinball.  Click the image to learn more. Custom replacement pricing card! Click to download hi-res JPEG
Service Bulletin!
Williams issued a service bulletin to address the loud audio hum some Jokerz machines had.
JPEG of original service bulletin

Cleaned-up version in MS Word

PDF of word doc

Click a link below to follow the restoration process.

Playfield restoration by Bill Davis

Rebuilding Level 0 - underside parts

Rebuilding level 1 - posts & rubber


Rebuilding Level 2 - playfield plastics

Rebuilding Level 3 - ramps and upper playfield

Rebuild Complete - photo gallery and finishing touches

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