Williams Funhouse, 1990
Pat Lawlor & Team






Custom card

Hi-Res Custom pricing card

The first time I heard the music and saw that head on the playfield, I knew this was going to be a great game.

The music has a manic carnival tone to it, using odd harmonics to good effect.  The segues from intro to main theme to stress themes are perfect.  Very original and it never gets old.

Rudy.  Unless you've seen him in action, it's hard to describe the excellent effect they created with this character.  His jaw is driven by a tricky combination of a standard solenoid driver, an interface board which converts the binary solenoid commands into an analog voltage to drive an electric motor, and the proper mechanical gears and linkage to the jaw.

The perfectly-synchronized movements of the jaw with the speech yields an uncanny effect...very life-like indeed.  Combined with the shifty eye movements and the eyelids (which pop wide open at appropriate moments during Rudy's speech), Funhouse really does live up to it's original promise to make "pinball come alive".

Game Description:

The object of the game is simple on the surface, but has many levels and sub-plots to keep it entertaining.

Other fun things to do in the game:

This game is currently undergoing a complete overhaul and rebuild. 
Below are some teasers, or see the gallery of the reassembled game.

Did-It-Myself ramp flap Cliffy's special wide hole guard, with mylar stuck to it's underside to prevent scuffing. Orbit gate area Cliffy's scoop eject protector...and yes, it has mylar stuck to the bottom of it to prevent scuffage!
Posts! Shooter lane gate Trap door loop upper area Upper right PF
Lower left corner Mid left side Ball guide by Rudy Upper left PF
Reworked wiring harness!
Check out the photos of my efforts to eliminate the
spaghetti-like mess of wires found under the
Ball-deflector modification

I got rid of the ugly cover over the transition between
the plastic and wire ramps and had to make a
small ball deflector to prevent ball traps.

Big Time Cabinets comes through with a fantastic
replacement for the old, tired cabinet and head.

This is a great finishing touch and makes the whole
package look better than new.

For basic Fun Factor, Funhouse wins.  I'd say it is a must-have for any pinball collection.

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